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The Company was founded in 1999 by polish jewellery designer Mr. Jacek Ostrowski. Brand already have international reputation and is the holder of awards from all over the world. Inspirations came from the world around. New projects are dominated by the geometry shape, full of symmetry and rhythm. In production process they are using best quality silver with 925 stample with Swarovski Elements, but also with Baltic amber.

Company offering modern and exclusive jewellery addressed to brave Women’s who would like to attract their attention with elegant style.

The Company was founded in city of Gdansk. In their offer client always find best quality products with modern shapes. Jewellery are made with passion by the finest producers in region. Mr. Zbigniew Strzelczyk is the owner of AmberStyl Gallery. He is well known, experienced master goldsmith and amber craft.

All the product are handmade which are addressed to people who appreciate the style, elegance and desire of heaving luxury items.


Artistic workshop has been active in jewellery business since 1984. Company specialize in unique production of silver jewellery with amber and other jewelleries stones. All of products are handmade therfore. they are so precisely made and achive such high expectation of the most fastidious customers and quality of international standards. 

We have been in jewellery industry since 1990′s carrying out our own projects and working together since we set up GIN ATELIER in 2012.
“Gin” – the japanese word meaning: “silver” refers to Far Eastern inspirations . It is due to those inspirations that various spatial, tiny sculpture – like forms are created. The jewellery that we  offer is always individual ,hand-made and tailor-made.

We have been active in the market of amber and silver jewelry over 20 years. We produce and port perfect quality: amber-silver jewelry: rings, ear rings, brooches, bracelets, pendant, chains (serial production and hand made unique artwork), amber goods: unique necklace-havaii, baroque, jensen, facetted ball, cabochon (oval, square, rectangular, any shape), cabochon engraved scena, cameos, flower), ball, heart, drop and tear shape stone, donuts, stairs, inclusions. We produce jewelry with green amber also. Amber sculpture or souvenirs: different animals, sailing boats, boxes, figures


Modern jewelry, which breaks with the typical old-fashioned design. Projects are made from selected amber in terms of form and color. For them as raw amber itself is so diverse and interesting, that they try to emphasize its uniqueness by creating patterns, without unnecessary ornamentation, reversing out of the same material.

5/28/2017 11:55:46 PM