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Amber preparation process has begun from raw Baltic Amber stone. Raw amber stones are unprocessed, untreated and has come directly from the Baltic Sea.  It is the true form of amber and best material to create beautiful jewellery.  On AmberVend you can buy beautiful jewellery made from raw stones. Our producers are searching for the best quality raw Baltic Amber stone, because they want to provide best quality final products.




Producer right after finding and selecting the appropriate piece of raw amber is starting for jewellery preparation process. To show up the beauty and variety of colours amber stone have to be polish. For that purpose producers are using a professional polisher table for grinding and polishing various details that require treatment. Jewellery craftsmen, thanks to years of experience is able to obtain a beautifully polished stone, which is then used to produce the final jewellery product.



12/19/2018 12:40:07 AM